MICHALSKY BERLIN Summer Edition - Summer in the City

Summer is the most beautiful season in Berlin – the city pulsates, is vivid and thrilling. This special atmosphere, this easiness that you can feel everywhere, was the inspiration for the MICHALSKY BERLIN Summer Edition.

In April 2017 the designer launches for the first time, after the great success of the predecessor perfumes MICHALSKY Berlin and Berlin II, a limited special edition. “There is no better time in Berlin than in summer – the city is surrounded by a special aura. My fragrance was inspired by this special feeling of easiness in summer.”

MICHALSKY BERLIN Summer Women - fresh and happy into the summer

This floral-fruity eau de parfum evokes the wonderful scent of sun blessed summer days. With fresh notes of lime and blood orange in combination with warm tones of rose and violet and fruity nuances of peach and black currant this fragrance resembles a gentle breeze on a hot summer day. The perfect summer feeling!

MICHALSKY BERLIN Summer Men – aquatic summer breeze

This eau de toilette impresses by its marvellous summery mixture of aqua tones and tropical green – perfect for the summer. This maritime composition with invigorating notes of apple, melon and grapefruit does make it a unique experience of freshness – a fragrance that purely embodies summer.

“I want to raise emotions with my perfumes – we all strongly connect memories with fragrances. A perfume is able to revive these memories.” The designer captures us with his new limited perfume creation and brings us back to our most beautiful summer memories.”

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