With MICHALSKY BERLIN III the famous Berlin designer Michael Michalsky launches his new perfume and further extends his successful perfume collection MICHALSKY PARFUMS BERLIN.

“A fragrance is an experience of the senses and underlines the personality of its wearer. MICHALSKY BERLIN III is for all the people striving for live and that embody strength and gentleness at the same time – a perfume for self-confident men and ambitious women.”

Under the heading of the already known slogan “Welcome To The Top“ a powdery-soft female and an elegant-masculine male fragrance join the perfume collection of MICHALSKY PARFUMS BERLIN. As its predecessors also these fragrances show remarkable optics and exceptional quality. The elegant leather design in vibrant brown and soft nude decorate the unique packaging. For this year’s photo shooting Serlina Hohmann, finalist of Germany’s Next Topmodel, could be won over – a great reunion between jury member and the candidate, which led to a fantastic picture for remarkable fragrances.


a powdery and soft temptation

The wonderfully powdery fragrance ensemble of MICHALSKY BERLIN III convinces with a subtle combination of fruity notes, gentle flowers and creamy nuances, which unite into an incredible seductive fragrance experience. A silky and stunning composition, that softly emerges on the skin and highlights the sensual site of every woman.


elegant, masculine fragrance notes in fine leather optics

The new fragrance creation of the designer-label MICHALSKY BERLIN III embodies complete, elegant masculinity. The charismatic fragrance bewitches the ladies with its spicy, animalic notes and underlines the sovereign appearance of its wearer. The tasteful leather theme is not just shown on the flacon, but can also be found in an olfactory way within the flacon – a wonderfully harmonious composition for strong, self-confident men.

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