Star Wars Body Care

We care about your body – 360 degrees!

After the great success of the STAR WARS Signature and STAR WARS Rogue One perfumes, the brand now launches a complete set of personal hygiene products.

The STAR WARS perfumes EMPIRE, JEDI, AMIDALA, ROGUE ONE Man und ROGUE ONE Woman will now be accompanied by matching shower gels in practical, handy 250 ml bottles as well as a 150 ml deodorant spray and not least from a series of refreshing 250 ml fragrance mists, a perfumed body spray.

STAR WARS Body Care – the Shower Gel

By using the high-quality perfume oils of the STAR WARS Perfumes a first-class product concept has been developed, which uniquely decorates the shelves. The design with its lateral rills symbolically features the most known object of the saga, the lightsaber. The shower gels come in three varieties: Jedi, Empire and Rogue One Man.

STAR WARS Body Care - the Fragrance Mist

The new STAR WARS fragrance mists positions themselves between eau de parfum/toilette and deodorant and offers therefore a new, light and unique perfume experience for the daily use. With its size, bright label and metallic cap the fragrance mist resembles like no other product of the body care line the STAR WARS lightsaber. The fragrance mists are available in two male fragrances, Jedi and Rogue One Man, and also in two female versions, Amidala und Rogue One Woman.

STAR WARS Body Care - the Body Spray

The exciting STAR WARS body care trio is completed by the STAR WARS body spray, a thrilling refreshment in the deodorant shelve. The aerosol with the twist-lock offers the perfect refreshment for every day in three captivating fragrance varieties: Jedi, Empire and Rogue One Man.

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